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SCUBA PROFESSIONALS OF ARIZONA |9299 W Olive Ave #816 Peoria, AZ  |  602-314-6650  |  Tue - Fri 10 am-6 pm, Sat 9 am-5pm

Continuing Scuba Education - Speciality Courses

We offer several scuba specialty courses aimed to improve your skills, enhance your dive experience, learn new skills, and pursue a professional scuba designation.  All courses are taught by SSI Accredited Instructors and includes online, downloadable interactive course application and certification cards.

Scuba Professionals of Arizona’s comprehensive dive center in Peoria provides the most state-of-art Scuba learning environment in the state. Classrooms are well-suited for professionally delivered academic instruction, and hands-on skill development takes place in our “Built for Scuba” heated-indoor pool. Where applicable, “open-water” certification dives are held at Lake Pleasant or as part of our “California Weekend” charted dive trips held monthly.  Rental equipment, open water fees and private certifications are additional, please contact the store for more details.

Your goals as a diver will be realized through a continuing scuba education program customized to your needs.  We can prepare you for an upcoming travel adventure, focus on skills that enhance your time underwater, enable you to pursue a professional Scuba career, and continue your diving adventure for years ahead.


Our broad array of Specialty Courses Include:

Enriched Air Nitrox

Boat Diving

Perfect Buoyancy


Deep Diver

Marine Ecology

Coral Identification

Night & Limited Visibility

Manta Ray Ecology

Underwater Photo & Video

Equipment Techniques

Fish Identification

Science of Diving

Sea Turtle Ecology

Stress & Rescue

React Right

Search & Recovery

Wreck Diving

Computer Diving 

Coral Identification

Dry Suit Diving


Bundled Learning Packages

We offer the following popular bundled packages that provide an economical approach for development and learning in diver-specific areas. 

For more information, call our store at 602-314-6650.  Access our class schedule here


Specialty Diver

 “Recently-Certified Diver’s Next Step”



  •     Complete 12 dives
  •     Select 2 Classroom Specialties (your choice)*
  •     Nitrox Certification included
  •     Course includes SSI Digital Apps
  •     Bundled Price $295  -  A savings of $100!

* Specialty inclusion is for digital app and classroom sessions.  Pool and open water sessions required for certification may be an additional cost

Advanced Diver 

"Improve Your Diving Skills”


  •     Complete 24 dives
  •     Select 4 Classroom Specialties (your choice) *
  •     Nitrox Certification included
  •     Course SSI Digital Apps
  •     Bundled Price $375 -  A $240 savings!

 Specialty inclusion is for digital app and classroom sessions.  Pool and open water sessions required for certification may be an additional cost


Ecology Bundle

 “Enhance your Underwater Experience & Celebrate Earth Day!”


  • Fish Identification, Marine Ecology, Shark, Turtle Ecology
  • Coral Identification & Manta Ray Ecology
  • SSI Digital Apps included
  • Bundled Price: $575  -  A savings of $275!



Emergency Training Bundle

Learn how to recognize and deal with stress, prevent accidents and properly manage emergency situations

  •  Includes Stress & Rescue and React Right Apps
  •  Provides certifications of CPR, 1st Aid, & Emergency Oxygen
  •  2 Class Sessions / 1 Pool Sessions
  •  One day of Lake dives included for open-water requirements
  •  Bundled Price: $475 - A savings of $115!

Future Dive Professional Bundle

“On your path to dive guide & instructor certification”

  •     Includes 7 specialties: Nitrox, React Right, Stress & Rescue
  •     Deep Diving, Science of Diving, Navigation,
  •     Night & Limited Visibility and SSI digital apps 
  •     6 Class Sessions / 2 Pool Sessions
  •     California Weekend included for check-out dives 
  •     Bundled Price: $1595  - a $380 savings!
  •     Price excluding California Weekend:   $1185

              (Must complete certification dives elsewhere)