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One of our former Open Water Students and now one of our Certified Open Water Divers, Alexia T., wrote a paper for her English Class at ASU. Awesome job Alexia! We are so honored and thrilled that you choose to write a paper about us. Read Alexia's paper below! 

Adventure Awaits, Time to Take the First Step

Have you ever wanted to see a new world, never have the same experience twice, and to see things beautifully unique? If so, then scuba diving might be for you. Come join Scuba Professionals of Arizona! Scuba Professionals of Arizona has a dedicated staff to give you all of the skills and tools to have a great diving experience. The underwater world will open new opportunities and thrilling feats. Underwater exploration can be alluring for so many reasons. “Scuba diving closely approximates the weightlessness experienced in space. NASA uses it to train astronauts. Although scuba gear is heavy above water, divers enjoy the mind-bending experience of ‘flying’ above the surface on the ocean floor” (N. Marshall, personal communication, September 01, 2020).

Devoted dive instructors like Fia Blackman, Dwain Desbien, and Nick Marshall are there to aid you through the diving journey. All of the dive instructors have years of diving under their belt. The instructors are certified through Scuba Schools International (SSI). With such a wide range of courses offered by SSI and taught by Scuba Professionals of Arizona's instructors the chance to expand your knowledge is limitless. “All levels of Scuba Lessons, from Beginner scuba certification to Advanced certifications, SafeAir Nitrox and Instructor certification.” ( Continuing education the safest way possible is what Scuba Professionals of Arizona strives for. The diving club is not only full of all levels of divers but it is also open to so many types of diving. “There is a new experience every time you dive, there is night diving, wreck diving, navigation, and so much more.” (F. Blackman, personal communication, September 01, 2020). With so many options you can never have the same dive twice.

Club meetings are every third Tuesday at 6:30 pm and are family friendly, interactive, and open to all diving enthusiasts. At meetings you can meet new people maybe even find a new dive buddy, ask questions about gear and equipment, and gain an abundance of information, and learn about upcoming dive trips and how to get involved. Scuba Professionals of Arizona offers a variety of dive trips all over from right here in Arizona to traveling around the globe. Dive trips include Lake Pleasant dives, California dives, North Carolina wreck dives, Bahamas live aboard, Red-Sea Egypt, Belize, and so much more (Scuba Professionals of Arizona, All of these events to choose from, the diving world is so expanse with so much to offer.

The ability to travel so many places allows people to see different kinds of nature and wildlife. If you want to simply stick with lake diving there is still all kinds of fish and scenery. At Lake Pleasant here in Arizona there is even a statue of the famous movie serial killer Jason Voorhees. If you want more adventure in the Bahamas you can see dolphins, sea turtles, sea stars, an assortment of fish, and different kinds of coral ( Most people only want to see the calm and not threatening animals. Yet wildlife should be appreciated in all forms. “People have fears about certain sea creatures, sharks for example, that can make them not want to do certain dives. When it comes to sharks, there really is nothing more graceful and beautiful to watch in the ocean” (D. Desbien, personal communication, September 01, 2020). For some people diving with sharks is on their bucket list, it may be enjoyable whether it’s done in a cage or shark feedings. The ocean is vast with a variety of life to enjoy in every form.

With so many club members who have been diving for years and who understand the important skills for diving, a new diver has the opportunity to take away a large source of wisdom. While diving is breathtaking and thrilling a diver should never forget the basic fundamentals. The three basic rules of scuba are breathe continuously, ascend slowly and maintain control, and never dive alone or beyond your level of training, (Scuba Schools International (SSI) Scuba Professionals of Arizona stresses these skills to ensure safe dives. The club meetings are perfect for meeting dive buddies with the same passion for the underwater world and respect diving safety. 

“Complacency is the biggest danger of diving” (D. Desbien, personal communication, September 01, 2020). While diving is fun, it can also be dangerous when not done safely or properly. Which is why Scuba Professionals of Arizona stresses the three basic rules of scuba. Like with any sport or skill, the more a person does it the more they develop habits and fall into routines. Routines may be nice in a day-to-day schedule, in scuba they can be life threatening. Some dangers of diving may include pressure injuries, overexpansion injuries, decompression sickness, panic, and more. (SSI, “A diver panicking will make irrational decisions and is at a big risk of injuring themselves and others, confidence is further increased by experience” (N. Marshall, personal communication, September 01, 2020). Through proper training and extensive dive briefs Scuba Professionals of Arizona strives to ensure that none of these ever happens while diving together. 

Yes, there are potential dangers with wildlife and injuries but that shouldn’t put anyone off from diving. That is why Scuba Professionals of Arizona practices safe diving techniques with every trip and every dive. Diving fundamentals are key for safe diving. While all of this may seem overwhelming the diving club with Scuba professionals of Arizona is here to make sure your experience is enjoyable and fun. We promise to help point you in the right direction with all of your diving needs. “The gravitation to scuba diving is the freedom and weightlessness, adventure, and nature. A lot of people have anxiety for breathing underwater and once you get over that, the feeling is incredibly freeing.” (F. Blackman, personal communication, September 01, 2020).



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