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Customer Reviews & Testimonials – Scuba Professionals of Arizona

We are so happy to have such great customers! Many of you have taken the time to write down and send us your experiences with us. We have collected the emails and letters we have gotten from you here.

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We so appreciate you taking a moment to write your own review! Thank you!

  • Learning to scuba dive has been one of the great adventures of my life. Paul, Fia and Tina, all scuba Icons at Scuba Professionals of Arizona, and their qualified staff have made learning, so much fun in a professional environment with all the latest in technical education and equipment.  Scuba rangers and the scuba girls programs with advanced diver courses make learning exciting along with providing valuable education. Protecting and saving the oceans with destination cultural expertise. Courses are a nice mix of fun(open grill restaurant adventures ), culture, natural resource, life saving education in a professional environment. I highly recommend anyone looking for a scuba education and certification to experience Scuba professionals of Arizona in Peoria Az.  I have traveled all over the world and yes I must admit that I am considered a difficult person at times, I expect the best. I have met the most wonderful people and have made new friends at Scuba Professionals of AZ. I find it interesting that I find the best damn dive shop in the entire world is in the middle of the desert and it is a platinum SSI certified dive shop and education center, who knew.  Thanks you guys, for encouraging me, training and retraining and being a true friend as I pursue my dive master certification, You have made my live so much more exciting.~ Richard Thaddeus Schwab, Arizona Summit Law
  • My Grandson had a great time learning how to dive in (Scuba Rangers). He is very proud of himself, he’s the only kid in his school who can dive. I watched him the other day, he was very comfortable under water, he showed me some of his skills, and I was a very proud grandmother. Thanks go to the staff for their patience and kindness~Mary A.
  • Paul, Scott, Tina, Leah, and Ryan were extremely helpful and friendly. I just got my open water diving certification, and I would highly recommend working with these wonderful people. They offer a large variety of trips, and I for one will be a loyal customer after the fabulous service they provided for me 🙂 ~Jennifer B.
  • My granddaughter and I loved it today (in the Experience Scuba class)! I think you have introduced me to my future new favorite hobby! ~Cindy M.
  • My son and I had a great time today (in the try Scuba class), it was a little scary but we are looking forward to our first class on May 27!!!! ~Billie J.
  • Thanks for working with us on the tan towels. I’m officially impressed, I jumped out to your website, very nice and your facility is the single nicest Scuba Shop I’ve seen, ever. Great Job! ~Scott B, Sales at McNett Corporation
  • Currently taking their open water certification course. What a great facility. I was a little apprehensive about diving but always wanted to try it. My instructor Scott Coley (hope i spelled it right) has been wonderful. He has removed any worries or concerns I have had. I have one more pool session then off to the lake for the certification dives. All the folks at Scuba Professionals of Arizona have been very welcoming and friendly. Don’t do like I did and wait so long get in the water. You will not be disappointed. I guaranty it. Thanks Paul, Tina and most of all Scott. ~Terry D
  • I just bought my gear from Scuba Professionals and I really appreciate the fact that Paul informed me about different options but didn’t push me in my decision. And it’s so great to get to try everything out in your fab pool! Thank you and looking forward to diving with you guys! ~Marie F
  • I have been involved initially as a customer with some of you prior to “Scuba Professionals of Arizona” since you were at 27th ave. and Glendale. Approximately 40 yrs. WOW! Since then, I have become more than a customer. The most important a friend. You have brought professional education to a variety of people from all walks of life, beginners, to experts, and instructors. I appreciate your part in my life, and thank you. You have always presented the highest level of education, coupled with awesome fun. Scuba diving is unique in the variety of activities, it has to offer. I have seen students without use of their legs graduate with an “basic open water”, international certification, licensing them to scuba dive. I have seen triathlon participants, and body builders, people diving through their retirement, just about anyone with the desire is able to become licensed. Some dive extreme environments, while some take the time to smell the coffee, enjoying a slower pace, like walking through a botanical garden, coupled with a zoo that has no enclosures, awesome seems inadequate to describe scuba diving, and the variety, approaching the differences, and now I am sorry to comment on something requiring volumes of text, and large areas to exhibit the pictures, much easier to simply say “once you try it you will be as hard put to describe it to a non-diver.
  • Scuba Professionals of Arizona is the first place I would refer someone I cared for to go, in order to get certified. You’ll be able to use this investment your entire life. I have been certified since 1970, and you guys are the best! Thanks again, see you soon. ~Michael M.
  • I had the opportunity to do a Try Scuba in your fabulous pool with an instructor. It was an amazing experience and I am impressed by the professional and pedagogic way you led me through my first dive. Thanks to you, I have decided to continue and take a diving certificate. ~Lars B.
  • Awesome turn around time on having my gear service. You even help my with finding a reasonable trip to the islands. Thanks Paul & Tina! ~Mike S.
  • Paul & Tina – Location, location, location. You certainly picked a great one and, without question, the best Dive Site on the West side. I liked everything about your new shop from its easy access right off the freeway to the classrooms and to the pool and, Wow, what a pool! If Saturday’s turnout was any indication, you kept all of your old clientele and picked up many converts. Best of luck. it’s GREAT to have you two back underwater! ~Bill
  • To the Scuba Pros …………..The day has finally arrived ! Best of luck to all. ANDI looks forward to many years of mutual support. Sincerely, Ed Betts ANDI President
  • After diving here and there, finally I got certified under the wing of Tina Lowe in 2010. That same year, I got to join them in a diving trip to Cozumel, Mexico. The planning of the trip was so smooth that I didn’t have to do anything except show up at the airport. Paul helped me to get all my diving gear promptly and without any delays, making it one thing less for me to worry about before the trip. The diving group and chemistry of that trip is something you don’t really see everyday. I’m pretty sure Scuba Club (hotel) is still talking about us. This was my first diving trip as a certified diver, I got to practice all that I was taught in class, technically speaking had no problems whatsoever. It was amazing realizing the way everything just flowed as if I had been doing it for years. It was then when I realized that Tina managed to get her knowledge across in a very distinct, fun, enjoyable and professional way which was translated into having over 20 logged dives under a very safe and professional environment. Everyone in this group Tina, Paul and everybody that made this trip possible – thank you for everything. It has been by far my most wonderful experience. I can’t think of anyone more knowledgeable and professional that I would like to continue diving with than you guys. ~Jose F.
  • It’s exciting! In less than a week the store will be open. State of the art pool and top notch equipment. I know the staff with it’s many years of experience is looking forward to bringing scuba to the West Valley. ~Joe N.
  • Wow, I had a great morning! I got to see the new Scuba Professionals of Arizona’s Building! This new diving and swimming center is going to be a Scuba Pro Platinum facility ( there only 34 of to even exist.) It is going to be truly amazing! If you scuba dive, this place is going to be hot! I have never seen a concept so well thought out. ~Scott C.
  • It’s a wonderful idea to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas. It’s a great idea, and I am praying that the BCD I am looking at will fall on one of the 12 days. But more importantly, thank you for your help, patience and understanding of me reentering the world of scuba. I was afraid, and unsure of myself. Paul and the rest of the staff are marvelous and patient helping me out and being understanding and helpful to answer all of my questions, help in the pool, and for giving me the confidence to try again. It has brought joy to me and helped me out of my ‘shell’. Thanks again and see you at the next group meeting Tuesday evening. Sincerely, Larry S
  • Welcome back after a lengthy surface interval. I knew that you were too big a name in the industry to just fade away and end up a Walmart Greeter (although that is a pretty interesting picture). This was a very welcome e-mail…. I look forward to seeing you soon and will look for your location as it builds when i pass that way on my way to my daughter’s home in Litchfield. I just returned from Malapascua last night. You should feel pretty special that I’m using up some of my last reserves of energy to write since most needs to be directed towards surviving another bout of jet lag. ~Bill K.

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