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Dive Guide Course

The SSI Dive Guide's mission is to inspire and influence others to grow in their diving experiences and increase your personal knowledge, skills and experience by planning and leading dives.

Our goal is to create the most qualified Dive Guides to help prepare you for the real world and #realdiving.  

As a certified SSI Dive Guide you can:

  • Help certified divers become more comfortable with their diving skills
  • Take up to 6 certified divers diving
  • Lead trips and tours for certified divers

The goal of our course is to prepare you for a successful career with Scuba Professionals of Arizona.  The Dive Professional Courses are modular which means you complete blocks one after the other, which creates and builds the confidence needed to create a real dive professional. When you finish this program you can choose to remain a Dive Guide, or upgrade your status to an Assistant Instructor leading to becoming an Open Water Instructor.

Before you begin you should have the Advanced Adventurer Program or higher, logged more than 40 dives,have a minimum of 5 logged dives in the following Specialty Courses:
Navigation, Night/Limited Visibility, Deep, Search & Recovery, and be a certified Stress & rescue Diver.

If you don’t already have these specialties, we will be happy to help you create a program to obtain these certifications.  We are here to help you grow as an SSI Dive Professional.

Course Outline

Over the scheduled duration of the course you will cover all of the requirements for the Dive Guide Program that include:

Theory Classes

Section 1- The Dive Guide
Section 2- Becoming a Dive Guide
Section 3- Dive Guide Stress & Rescue
Section 4- Group Management
Section 5- Leading Dives & Special Dives
Section 6- Your Career with SSI

Practical Application

*Pool Skills Evaluation
*Water man-ship Evaluation
*Rescue Skills Evaluation
*Open Water Observation
*Night & Limited Visibility Diving Program Observation
*Deep Diving Program Observation
*Open Water Presentation

Remember your future as an SSI Dive Professional doesn’t stop here. This is just the beginning!  Continue your education and become an Assistant Instructor or Open Water Instructor!

Every day is a new day to learn something new and diving is no different. Learn many more aspects of diving with Scuba Professionals of Arizona!