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Lake Pleasant Scuba Diving & Certification

Lake Pleasant Scuba Diving is only a short drive from our Peoria shop and we frequently make Day trips to Lake Pleasant to dive the desert! Scuba Professionals of Arizona sponsors snorkeling and scuba diving for certifications as well as escorted scuba dives for certified divers.

Lake Pleasant is perfect for practicing your scuba skills. The lake will never get any disturbing waves or difficult currents. The weather is (almost always) sunny and nice and the water temperature varies from the sixties in the winter to the high eighties in the summer.

Lake Pleasant is the home of several fish and crayfish species such as Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Crappie, Walleye, Catfish, Spotted Bass, White Bass, Striped Bass and Crayfish. It also has an interesting fauna so there are plenty of things to explore in the lake!

Check our Facebook page for exact time and details about the dive!

We normally dive at the Scuba Professionals of Arizona Reef (former Christmas Tree Reef)  but make sure to always check with us before going!

The Certification Dives are included in your Scuba Dive Course for Open Water Diver Students.  Certified divers can choose escorted Lake Pleasant Dives for $100 for one dive or $150 for 2 dives.  Call us 602-314-6650 for more information or to schedule your private dive!