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Press Releases

January 4, 2020
Updated and Enhanced Scuba Diving Education Program

Scuba Professionals of Arizona has restructured our diver training program to simplify learning and accommodate Arizona’s growing population of Scuba enthusiast. Dwain Desbien, our new Director of Education brings extensive credentials to the program as a life‐long college professor. Upon being hired to run the training department last November Dwain commented, “I’m excited to build upon our store’s extensive history of certifying Arizona divers with enriched teaching methods that effectively help students retain skills & build confidence.”

Scuba Certification Course

We’ve certified thousands of Arizona divers since opening in 2012. Our core capability has always been the “Scuba Certification” course, and students will benefit from an enriched learning environment:

 Focused on developing & retaining essential Scuba Skills

 Simplified instruction delivery & increased hands‐on learning

 Flexible class times and scheduling options

 Monthly check‐out certification dives at Lake Pleasant

 Quarterly certification ocean dive opportunities in California

 Renewed emphasis on educating divers on gear features & safety benefits

Click here for more information on our Scuba Certification Course.

Continuing Education for Certified Divers

In addition to improving Scuba Certification, our continuing education program offers an improved path for already‐certified divers to enhance their underwater experience. We now offer several “learning bundles” that provide an economical and comprehensive way to upgrade skills and diving credentials.

Bundles offered include:

The Advanced Diver Bundle enables certified divers to improve their underwater skills. In addition to getting nitrox certification, they can customize a course offering of four classroom specialties including boat diving, night & limited visibility, navigation, deep diver, and wreck diving.

Our Ecology Bundle runs concurrent with April’s Earth Day observance and consist of three evenings of ecology specialty training and a Lake Pleasant cleanup dive event on May 2nd.Thursday evening courses cover ecology‐specific education on Shark Ecology, Marine Ecology, Fish Identification, Turtle Ecology, Manta Ray Ecology, and Coral Identification.

Future Dive Professional Bundle covers seven specialties, held over 6 class sessions and 2 pool sessions. In addition, our signature California Dive Weekend trip package is included to meet the check‐out requirements for the specialties offered! This bundle qualifies divers interested to pursue a Dive Professional program.

All bundles are economically priced for significant savings when compared to purchasing courses individually. Click here for more information on our specialty courses and bundled packages.