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Bahamas 2022

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Ahoy mateys! You’re about to board Blackbeard’s ship for a week of diving, exploring, and navigating the oceans below. Say goodbye to the city lights as we head south to the Exuma Cays. The central Bahamas was once a popular hideout for pirates. Now it offers crystal clear waters and deserted beaches to explore. These dive sites can only be reached by dive liveaboards.

Once you’re out on the sea you’ll be surrounded by an abundance of marine life and beautiful walls. Some of the most common marine life? Sharks! Caribbean reef sharks and nurse sharks have been spotted swimming along the sandy banks. You’ll also be able to experience a passive feed where you can observe the sharks and their behaviors.

While diving the Exuma Cays you’ll experience a variety of different environments. As the third-largest reef in the world, you could see shipwrecks, dark caves, blue holes, and massive walls covered in colorful coral and vibrant sponges. The average visibility is up to 150 to 200 feet. Perfect for a clear view of your amazing surroundings.

The liveaboard crew is there to ensure you have the trip of a lifetime. On board you’ll have captains that plan your trip and keep you safe, cooks to fuel you up after dives, dive instructors to assist you on your dives, and engineers that keep everything running smoothly.