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Gift of Scuba - Scuba Certification Course

Give the Gift of a Scuba Certification Course!

Obtain the knowledge and skills to become a confident and safe diver!  This course will earn you the certification required to scuba dive anywhere worldwide.

Taught by our certified SSI Scuba instructors, the course entails:

  • Completing digital learning via app on your PC or smart phone
  • 3-Hour academic classroom review session
  • Nine hours of in-pool training and practice (over 2-3 days/evenings)
  • Four local lake dives over two weekend mornings*
Classes are held either over a single weekend, or evening weekday courses that take two weeks to complete.  Certification dives are held bi-monthly at Lake Pleasant*.

The course fee includes digital learning course work via Iphone/Android app, use of Scuba gear consisting of regulator, BCD, gauges, air cylinder, weights, and wetsuit for lake certification. You'll need to supply your own "personal gear"; mask, snorkel, fins, gloves, boots, anti-fog, and surface buoy.  New OWD students are provided a discount of 10% discount! We have a broad selection of styles and price points!

Questions? Call us (602) 314-6650 or email