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SCUBA PROFESSIONALS OF ARIZONA |9299 W Olive Ave #816 Peoria, AZ  |  602-314-6650  |  Tue - Fri 10 am-6 pm, Sat 9 am-5pm

Staff & Instructors

Scuba Professionals of Arizona has some of the most experienced staff members and instructors ready to teach you a new class or take you snorkeling or scuba diving!

Co-owner and General Manager, Paul Wagenseller, brings over 30 years of experience in the Arizona Diving Industry to Scuba Professionals of Arizona! The AZ scuba industry has been changing over the years and it’s always been Paul’s mission to keep up with the changes. While managing Scuba Professionals of Arizona, this dream is becoming a reality!

Paul is a qualified Scuba Instructor and exceptionally experienced in teaching safe scuba courses including beginning, Advanced / Expert, SafeAir Nitrox, Rebreathers, Technical and Instructor Courses. Paul has been awarded as a Platinum Pro Diver with over 12,000 dives and he is also a Platinum Pro Instructor having certified over 10,000 students!

Paul created one of the largest Dive Master Program in the U.S.!

Paul organized well over 1,100 safe dive trips and vacations from local Arizona lakes to the soft coral capital of the world – Fiji!

Co-owner and President, Fia Blackman, has a Masters of Laws from Stockholm University and has extensive experience from starting, managing and developing companies and organizations.

Fia is responsible for Scuba Professionals of Arizona´s Marketing and PR, business development and business relations.

Fia is a keen scuba diver and is an Open Water Instructor
She has dove in exotic places such as Oman, Dubai, Egypt, Bali, Thailand, Hawaii and the Caribbean. Fia is a Swedish citizen who fell in love with Arizona many years ago when she came as an Exchange student. She’s been living in the Phoenix Valley for ten years.

Store Manager, Tina Lowe, brings over 25 years of dedicated experience to Scuba Professionals of Arizona, including teaching scuba courses and managing dive centers.

Tina is a qualified Scuba Instructor and very experienced in teaching safe scuba courses including beginning, Advanced / Expert, SafeAir Nitrox, Dive Master, Instructor Training, and is specially trained to work with children in our Scuba Rangers program (children ages 8-12).

Tina has escorted scuba diving adventures to many locations around the world including Belize, Roatan (Honduras), Turks & Caicos, Fiji, Yap (Micronesia), Bahamas, Cozumel and San Carlos (Mexico) and many other destinations.

Dwain Desbien, Open Water Instructor, Specialty & Dive Guide Instructor, Training Director

Dwain’s love for SCUBA diving lead him to become an instructor so that he can help others enjoy the sport he loves. He enjoys teaching all levels of diving from the beginning open water divers to those looking to start their journey to being dive professionals. He loves being in the pool or the open water whether it is for teaching, learning or just having fun. Dwain loves to travel to dive and he and his diving wife make sure to diver all over the world any chance they get!

Nick Marshall – Open Water Instructor, React Right Instructor

Nick was certified to dive by Paul and Tina about 15 years ago and continued to develop his skills through the Expert Course. Nick loves helping people... so naturally he continued to pursue being an instructor. 
When Nick is not diving, he works with the Peoria Fire Department as a Firefighter/Paramedic/Technical rescue specialist which he has been doing for 13 years now. Nick's passion and knowledge about emergency medicine led him to be an SSI React Right program instructor and  he takes pride in equipping his students with the confidence to help others. Nick also plays music, hockey, rock climb and canyoneer in what is left of his down time.

Out of everything he does, Nick believes that Scuba is the best mix of adventure and relaxation. His passion lies in sharing such a wonderful sport with anyone who is interested. 

Mike Vessey – Store Assistant & Expert Diver

Mike is our “go to” guy who helps us with most everything around the store – from clean-ups to repairs. Mike is also a certified Expert diver and loves everything about the underwater world! His favorite scuba destinations include Catalina Island and Florida Keys, but since the world of scuba diving is endless, Mike is up for exploring any destination around the globe.

Bob Young – Open Water Instructor

Bob’s inspiration to become a scuba diver came from the James Bond movies. In 1991 he took after Agent 007 and certified as a scuba diver. Being neutrally buoyant, almost as an astronaut, is one of the reasons Bob loves to scuba dive. Another reason is the underwater life with all its beauty. Bob loves to teach scuba and see his students’ eyes light up as they master a new skill. The ultimate scuba destination of Bob’s dreams is Truk Lagoon.

Marc Wolff – Open Water Instructor, Specialty and Handicapped Instructor

The TV show “Sea Hunt” inspired Marc to start scuba diving in 1986. He likes sharing with his students his love for scuba and enjoys getting to explore the underwater world with them. Among Marc’s favorite dive destinations are the wreck of the Salvatierra outside LaPaz and the kelp off San Clemente Island. Dream destinations are Fiji and Bora Bora.

Jerry Blackman – Business Manager


Paul Halla – Dive Guide, Assistant Instructor / Open Water Instructor Candidate

Kim Halla – Open Water Instructor 

Jack Kelly  – Dive Guide, Dive Master 


Tom Palmer  – Dive Guide


Jeff Kimmich  – Dive Guide, Dive Master, Assistant Instructor


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