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Scuba Diving Trips & Vacations

Scuba Professionals of Arizona organizes scuba diving trips to the local lakes, domestic locations as well as international first class dive locations. Join us on one of our many trips!

Lake Pleasant, Arizona
Day trips are available to dive the desert! Scuba Professionals of Arizona sponsors snorkeling and scuba diving for certifications as well as escorted scuba dives for certified divers. Call us for info on when we are going! Read more!

Just a short drive to California offers fantastic diving with a very high concentration of marine life, such as sea lions, kelp forests, garibaldi fish, lobsters and more. Join one of our frequent weekend scuba diving trips! Read more!!

Join us on this trip to the Bahamas! We are embarking on a live-aboard sailboat for a week of cruising, relaxing and scuba diving in the Bahamas. Our trip is October 15-22, 2021. Read more here!

Turks and Caicos - Grand Turk

The Turks and Caicos Islands are home to the world’s third largest coral reef. Considered by many a global top 5 dive destination, Grand Turk offers some of the Caribbean’s finest diving as well as the region’s finest weather, white sand beaches, and a broad range of non-diving activities as well. Join us February 12-19, 2022!   Read more here! 

Cozumel, Mexico
Join Scuba Professionals of Arizona for a fantastic scuba diving trip to Cozumel, Mexico. Just a few hours from Phoenix, gets us to some of the most beautiful diving in Central America. This is an all time favorite of ours! Join us April 2-9, 2022. Read more here! 

Red Sea, Egypt Live-Aboard
The Red Sea is one of the most popular world class dive destinations. The new RED SEA AGGRESSOR II™ offers guests a 7-night itinerary diving the best of the north to Ras Mohamed and the Straits of Tiran. Just off shore lives thousands of species of fish in beautiful crystal clear water with coral gardens, historical shipwrecks, breath-taking soft corals, and pinnacles. Join us May 28th-June 4th, 2022!  Read more here!

Little Cayman
Little Cayman is one of the most famous diving spots in the world!  Bloody Bay in particular is consistently ranked as one of the world's top dive sites.  Philippe Cousteau declared its wall to be one of the three best dives in the world!  Once again we'll be staying at Little Cayman Beach Resort - among our customer's favorite dive resorts!  Join us June 25th - July 2nd, 2022.  Read more here!